Time to deal extra damage. The Scornful Effigy in Lords of the Fallen will assist you with that!

If you need to deal additional damage for the cost of your Max HP reduced, then the Scornful Effigy is the perfect choice for you. This is an armour piece that will help you deal more damage in various battles. If you feel confident enough that you can dodge attacks and damage everything, go ahead and get it!

In this guide, we will show you where the Scornful Effigy is located in Lords of the Fallen.

Scornful Effigy Location

The Scornful Effigy is located in the Upper Calrath Mining District, in the Vestige of Doln.

From the checkpoint, take the first exit you see on the right side and continue making your way forward as the path guides you.

There is going to be a metal fence blocked on the right side next to a building. You want to use your lantern there and go through the fence.

From that point, simply go forward and drop down where you are going to see a fallen soldier on the ground and an item that you can pick up.

The item is going to be the Scornful Effigy.
We hope this guide helped you find the Scornful Effigy in Lords of the Fallen!

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