Looking for a nice ranged weapon like the Udiranr Shaman Bow in Lords of the Fallen? Well check out this guide to see where it's at.

The Udirangr Shaman bow is a bow needed to hunt not only to survive but also to kill those creatures whose flesh, skin or organs possessed properties useful to the shaman’s primal magic.

In this guide, I will show you where you can find the Udirangr Shaman Bow in Lords of the Fallen.

Udirangr Shaman Bow Location

The Udirangr Shaman Bow is located in Fief of The Chill Curse, in the Vestige of Svornil.

From the checkpoint, turn around and go thorough the main metal gate. After it, continue going forward in the snowy mountain passages.

After walking forward for quite some time, you are going to stumble upon a different biome where a giant building with some red aura coming out of it.

Just before dropping down, you will notice a body hanging from a root. You need to hit that body in order for the item to drop.

The bow item itself is going to drop into the water below the wooden platform. Drop down to obtain the Udirangr Shaman bow.

I hope this guide helped you find the Udiranr Shaman bow in Lords of the Fallen. Stay tuned for more upcoming content!

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