Check out this guide and discover where to find the Royal Key in Lords of The Fallen!

Another interesting journey where you`ll need to battle with enemies in order to get the Royal key that will help you open the locked portals from buried kingdoms. It`s a an activity that requires from you to be prepared and defeat all of the blockades that come along the research. Read the text bellow and see where you can find the Royal Key!

Where to Find the Royal Key Location

The Royal Key is located inside the Bramis Castle, and will appear after you defeat all of the creatures that appear during the climbing.

So all you need to do is climb the castle stirs and defeat the enemies. There is one on each floor until you reach floor number 4.

After fighting them, research the area because there are some extra item that will benefit you and upload your weapon and equipment baggage.

After passing through the room shown on the previous picture, you`ll notice one door opposite from the coffin. Enter there and take the stairs that will lead you one area down.

Once you`re there you`ll see another door that will lead you closer to the key and the Heavenly Vial poison and Seething Vigor Skull (located in the fallen library area). 

After winning all of the battles in this area, the royal key will appear on the other (left) side from the library. All you need to do is pick it up!

Well done! Hope this guide helped you to learn more about Lords of The Fallen, stay tuned for more and enjoy the game!

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