Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Hanging Tree Location

Can’t find the Hanging Tree in Marvel's Midnight Suns? Then, this guide is for you!

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game where you will be playing as “the Hunter” who will be meeting comic book characters from multiple Marvel Comics properties, such as Midnight Sons, Avengers, X-Men, and Runaways.

As “the Hunter” you will be exploring the darker, supernatural side of the Marvel Universe with your chosen team of heroes. To help you progress in the Abbey storyline, we will tell where you can find the Hanging Tree in this guide.

Hanging Tree Location – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Finding the Hanging Tree is one of Agatha Harkness’ requests / side quests after you have delivered all three stained soil samples from the Witch Covens in the library. It is the last clue that Agatha will reveal to find the Moon Seal.

Solving Agatha’s side quests will reward you with new Words of Power.

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So, where can you exactly find the Hanging Tree that Agatha is looking for?

The Hanging Tree is located southwest of Agatha’s Cottage and west of Shaw’s Church. Check out your map, and look for a circle-shaped path in the region. You can immediately notice the Hanging Tree because of its glowing runes.

Please see the photo of the map below for the Hanging Tree’s exact location.

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