Neon White: Mission 2 All Gift Locations

Let’s find all of the Gift locations from Mission 2 in Neon White!

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There are several missions that need to be done in Neon White. You will have the task to collect all of the gifts and collectibles in all of them. This guide will give you the shortcut to find out all of the gift locations from mission 2 and that will benefit you to save your time!

Time to discover all gift locations from mission 2 in Neon White!

Mission 2 All Gift Locations – Neon White

Take Flight Level

Found in Lower Heaven, you will first need to go straight and turn left to jump on the second white platform.

After that, jump on the white castle on your left and take the first turn right after you fight with the creature.

After that jump on the roof of the platform from which you started and try to fly directly into your gift that will be on the opposite site.

Enjoy your six-pack drink bottles.

Godspeed Level

 You will need to connect with the Leaderboard, and once you’re there go straight and crush the black coffin to get the hidden card inside.

After you crush the red wooden door too, jump on your left to get one more card and continue straight.

Next, you need to go straight and hop on the rooftop of the castle you have arrived. Once you’re there you will see your second gift in the straight castle next to the one with a black roof.

You will get the Tattle Tail Toy!

Dasher Level

To get the third gift from mission 2, start from the location shown in the picture, go straight to enter the castle and take the first right.

Go as the road is leading you, until you reach the terrasse with your gift that looks like in the following picture:

Congrats! You now have the best-smelling parfume.

Thrasher Level

Go through the castles with incredible speed until you reach the point shown with the last arrow.

Once you’re next to the statues shown in the pictures you will need to go one floor under them.

There will be your gift stuck to the wall.

What a classy gift!

Outstretched Level

You’ll see your gift once you’re there, but you need to go from inside through the red wooden door. That will benefit you extra because you’ll be able to collect really useful cards.

 And another 6pack will be waiting for you there!

Smackdown Level

Go straight through all of the castle roof tops until you reach this destination:

Turn left and go directly to the edges of the thin platforms next to the waterfalls.

You’re gift will be on the other side on the top.

One more toy for you!

Catwalk Level

Go straight through the rooftop of the castle and turn left after you pass two of them.

Inside the castle will be your 7th gift.

It’s your lucky day!

Fastlane Level

Go through the road made of glass breakable platforms and continue straight.

Use the black jumping creatures to reach the roof from the building you have entered to get your gift.

One more perfume above you!

Distinguish Level

Go straight through the glass platform and enter the rotating building.

You won’t need to do anything but just tries to aim at the platforms and the jumping black creatures, because the road will lead you itself to your gift that will be standing outside the castle.

 The second pack of cigars was collected!

Dancer Level

Your last gift from this mission will be on your left, and after you win the fight with the monsters you can get there and get it.

The last gift will also be a 6pack bottled drink.

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