Check out Mission 3 to find All Gift Locations in Neon White!

Neon White is a first-person shooter and puzzle platforming game. Players are required to defeat all enemies and reach the goals in order to earn experience and upgrade their abilities. The game is offering a ton of items and materials that you can find and loot across the game. Each mission has its own gifts and sometimes players might have a hard time looking for their location.

In this guide, we will show you Mission 3 All Gift Locations in Neon White!

Mission 3 All Gift Locations – Neon White

Guardian Level

This gift is located on the roof of one of the buildings in the game. You have to jump from the opposite building to reach the roof. Check the image below.

You will find this gift on the edge of the roof.

Stomp Leve

After you collect the Stomp card, there is a chest standing on a crashing platform. Jump on the platform and you will be falling down.

Once you start falling, you will have to land on the lower roof of the building in front of you. Once you are on the roof, don’t jump down, but go on the upper portion on the pillar.

Once you are on the pillars above the hall, you will see the gift standing on the window above the entrance.

Jumper Leve

Starting from the balcony where is the chest between 4 trees, you have to jump over the fence and head to the left tower in front of you.

The gift box is standing on the ledge of the left tower.

Dash Tower Level

This gift box is located inside the building with three windows in front. You have to enter below the left window and get inside because the gift box is standing behind the middle window.

Descent Level

To find this gift box, you have to enter the building where you have to crash a few wooden platforms and fall in the middle of the building.

The entrance of the building is through the stairs shown in the image below.

You have to crash and fall through two wooden platforms to come to the gift box inside the building.

Driller Level

You have to head to one of the buildings with 3 separate entrances on the roof. Make your way to the middle one.

Once you come near the entrance, you will notice the gift below the ceiling.

Canals Level

Follow the water and the explosive barrels that jump you off. Jump on the barrel at the corner of the water line and bounce up to the building in front of it. Check the image below.

Once you bounce up from the barrel, look up on the top of the building where the gift box is waiting for you.

Sprint Level

At the middle of the map, there is a small balcony with a roof where you will find this gift box.

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