Outward Definitive Edition: All Enmerkar Forest Boss Locations

Want to know where all 3 unique bosses are in the Enmerkar Forest in Outward Definitive Edition? Check out this guide to find out!

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These unique bosses were available in the previous Outward version. They have been updated and enhanced in the definitive edition. To get rewards from these unique bosses, you will need to complete the faction quests and max out on your stats. These bosses are difficult to fight, so be prepared!

This guide will show you the locations of all 3 unique bosses in the Enmerkar Forest.

All Enmerkar Forest Boss Locations – Outward Definitive Edition

Immaculate Dreamer

This boss can only be found if you poison yourself in the Enmerkar Forest. To poison yourself, you will need to find Crabeye Seeds which can be found almost anywhere in the Enmerkar Forest and eat them.
Eating the seeds will poison you and allow you to find the boss.

The next step is to go inside the Cabal of Wind Temple and interact with the statue while you are poisoned.

Once you enter the arena, dodge the first attack as it will instantly kill you if you get hit. After that, you can begin the fight and get your rewards!

Light Mender & Plague Doctor

To begin your search for these bosses, you will need to head over to the Blue Chamber building inside Berg.

Wait until midnight and you will have a 5 second window to enter the arena. Once the timer reaches 00:00, a green smoke will appear in the arena which you can interact with and begin the fight with the bosses.

NOTE that you need to have defeated the Jade Lich and the Gold Lich at least once for the smoke to be available.

Elite Burning Man

This last unique boss can be only accessed if you have the Sunfall Axe. Once you have that axe in your inventory, head over to the giant burning tree in the Enmerkar Forest which is located at the south side of the map.

Interact with the tree while having the Sunfall Axe in your inventory and you will enter the arena.

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