Check out this guide to see how you can catch Oranguru in the Scarlet Version of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Let’s do it trainers, we must prove to everyone in Paldea who is capable of catching all 400 Pokemon and who is going to be the best Pokemon Trainer out there. With a lot of sweat and tears, you will surely make it to the top! Time to go on an adventure and catch the ones that are left!

This guide will show you the location of Oranguru in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Oranguru Location (Scarlet Version) – Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Do note that this Pokemon is only available in the Scarlet Version of the game.

Oranguru is a Normal and Psychic-type Pokemon that can be located on the top eastern side of Paldea.

It’s common to find this Pokemon up on a tree, and you must keep a good eye on those trees due to Oranguru being rarely seen!

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To start your adventure, head over to the Tagtree Thicket area and go to the very center.

This is where you will find this Pokemon standing on a branch. To encounter a fight with Oranguru, you need to either hit the tree with your Mount to make the Pokemon fall, or, throw a Pokeball to start a fight!

And there you have it folks! That is how you can catch Oranguru easily in Pokemon Scarlet!

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