Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Assault Vest Location

Check out this guide and discover Assault Vest Locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

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Assault Vest is fashionable but at the same time great defense support for your pokemon during the battles. The very cool thing is that no matter the size of your pokemon, this cool vest can fit any Pokemon type. Well, there are for sure many on the Paldea map, however, in this guide, you’ll be able to discover one location where you can search for this cute item.

Assault Vest Location – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You’ll start to search from this certain position in Porto Marinada town, which is located next to the West Paldean Sea.

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Once you’re there go down the hill until you come close to the blue border that’s shown in the pictures below.

Go close enough to open the ball, and after you do that the vest is all yours. Hope this guide helps you to get the incredibly cute and protective vest.

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