Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Eviolite Location

Check out this guide and discover Eviolete Locations in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

You know that you can discover Eviolete’s location by defeating and finding trainers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. In this guide, you’ll be able to see how to pick all of the trainers so you can get your reward – Eviolete. It’s not hard you just need to visit several locations and get close to the trainers, that way you’ll do the task properly. Time to travel!

Eviolite Location – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You’ll need to search for trainers in several locations in South Province Area Five. After you that you’ll be able to get the Eviolete item that will give you some prons when it comes to the pokemon chase.

Once you’re there the first trainer will be located right from your starting position, right on the corner.

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Then, turn left and climb the up-road, go until you see the second trainer standing in front of you. She’ll stand here:

Trainer number 3 from this area will be in the middle of the half-drained area located opposite the previous trainer.

After that go straight and jump to go to the next level on the mountain. There will be your next trainer.

The next trainer will be on the next level on the same mountain, just a few meters apart from the previous one, standing in the middle of the grass field.

Then turn right and head to the lakes that are up on the mountain in the South Province Area five, you’ll find one more trainer standing there between the lakes.

After that, go a few steps back and turn right to get your last trainer. It will be located close to the castle, at least you’ll be able to see the castle from the position he’s standing it. Like its shown in the next picture:

That’s it! Now that you’ve visited all of the trainers in this area you can enjoy the perks of owning the Eviolete stone.

This stone can be held by pokemon and I will boost your defense through the battles. Enjoy!

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