Time to see where Iron Jugulis is located for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Check out this guide.

Various types of Pokemon roam the lands of Paldea and it’s your duty to see how they all work, catch them and also train them. This journey will not be easy, you will need to meet with various people and learn new ways of obtaining these creatures. It’s time to go out there and encounter every single challenge that stands in front of you. Become the greatest Pokemon Trainer!

This guide will show you how you can locate Iron Jugulis in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Iron Jugulis Location – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To obtain Iron Jugulis, you need to first finish the game by completing the main story. After that, head over to the Research Center and select the Research Station No. 3 teleport.

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This is Violet Exclusive content, meaning that you need to complete the game if you want access to this Pokemon, otherwise it will not be here.

Now, once you are at the Research Station No. 3, continue going forward but do not enter the giant cave entrance, go to the green grassy field first.

Where the big tree is located on the image above, take the first left you see which will lead you inside a cave entrance.

Continue following the path inside the cave until you reach a gigantic arena-looking room filled with various Pokemon, including the Iron Jugulis.

That’s about it folks, that is how you can locate Iron Jugulis in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Now go catch it!

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