Haven’t got the Torkoal Location yet? This guide will show you where this pokemon is placed on Paldea, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Water, grass, sand and other pokemon types, all together have occupied and taken over Paldea. That means it’s time to grab the ball and search for them by discovering in which areas they can be easily caught and found.

This guide will show you the right place to look for Torkoal and what it takes to catch it!

Torkoal Location – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

This one it’s hard to detect because it’s rare and specific. However, you will have a much higher chance to find him if you search in the East Province’s Area Three of Paldea.

It’s a dry non-grass brown area, that fits their pokemon type and going to this place may benefit you to catch one of the rarest pokemon in the game.

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Better wait until it rains and once its dark outside, just search the East Province Area 3 and you mat see it.

Go back there until he appears, and once he does throw the ball and catch him. Now you have caught the Torkoal.

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