Saints Row: West Providencia All Discoveries Locations

Want to find all of the discoveries in West Providencia in Saints Row? Check out this guide to find out!

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Saints Row is a great open-world game filled with different missions and hidden collectibles that you can obtain if you want to unlock new and unique scenarios and character items. Having the game fully completed to 100% progress will surely show you some funny features that you can enjoy!

In this guide, you will find all the hidden history locations in West Providencia in Saints Row.

West Providencia All Discoveries Locations – Saints Row

At the same beginning, it’s good to maintain that it’s nice to get them all in one order because it will only appear once you get close to the item- it will show up on the map.

Items located on the rooftops or weather stations can be collected without the need to interact with them just you need to walk nearby to collect them.

Discovery Location 1 – Photo Hunt

First, we are starting from the Skate Park Grind Rail.

Go straight and there will be the first item you’re searching for.

Discoveries Location 2 – Photo Hunt 2

The second photo Hunt will be in this area:

Jump from the building and go to the other side of the street to take a picture from the wall there.

Discovery Location 3 – All Drug Pallets (10+)

All of the drug pallets will be located in the same area on three different rooftops.

You need to start from this location in West Providencia:

The very first pallet will be located on the first rooftop of the house from the left side.

Once you got the one located there turn right and jump on the next level of the rooftop to get the second drug palette.

Next, jump down on the street again but this time from the backside.

Turn left and jump up again to get the last drug pallet.

The fourth one will be located here:

Once you get the 4th one turn left and there will be one more to get.

To get pallet number 6 you’ll need to start from here:

Just go up the stairs until you see the pallet on your right will be the first one.

Behind the house on the left will be another one. In that direction right-left-right-left, behind different objects and cactuses will be all of the drug pallets from this area.

Discovery Location 4 – Hidden History – The Grand Prix & Rancho Providencia

Both of them will have 5 tables which you’ll need to read.

The first two will be right at the beginning of the area:

After reading these two head straight behind the big table to touch the next one.

The 4th and the 5th will be located next to the train wagons.

After reading all of them go back to the first one and get the reward for collecting these historical pieces.

The hidden history pieces from Rancho Providencia will as well be separated into 5 different places.

Once you’re there go up to the highway with your bike and after a few meters you’ll see the first historical table and a little higher the second one as well.

The third one will be located opposite the dessert area next to the tents and places to seat.

After you got the third one goes right and read the 4th historical table as well.

And the last one from this row will be located in front of the house located at the end of the dessert.

Discovery Location 5 – Fast Travel Photo – Panther Rock And the Weather station

The Panther Rock photo can be taken in this area:

The weather station will be located on West Providencia in the same place as the last 4 drug pallets.

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