Saints Row: Jasinski Park Theater Hidden History Locations

One more hidden history to discover in Saints Row and this time it’s about the Jasinski Park Theater.

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Same as all of the hidden history locations you’ll need to get several things and achieve this trophy as well. This time it’s about the Jasinksi Park Theater which is only one more on the list for you to get. If you want to save your time and do that faster then follow the instructions given in the text below and enjoy your journey.

Jasinski Park Theater Hidden History Locations – Saints Row

To get this done you’ll need to start from this point on the map:

The first board will be located right in front of the entrance of the theater.

After that, you’ll need to go down the stairs and use the bid table stuck in the wooden wall.

Go outside the circle and climb through the grass field to reach the third board in which more information is hidden.

Continue right, and the next two tables will be located on the edge of the circle. One to another.

After you’ve read all of them go back to the one stuck in the wooden wall to finish the mission properly.

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