Are you having trouble finding every Marina West Discovery Location? Well, you are in luck, this guide will help you out!

Saints Row is a series of action-adventure video games created by Volition and published by THQ and Deep Silver. The series follows the 3rd Street Saints, a fictional street gang originally operation out of the Saints Row district, hence the series’ title. In Marina West, you will find a ton of discoveries.

This guide will show you all the discoveries in Marina West in Saints Row.

Marina West All Discoveries Locations – Saints Row

In the Marina West you can find these next locations.

Tip Before We Start

In Saints Row whenever you get close to an objective it shows up on the minimap, in the drawn radius, so these Locations cannot be missed.

Hidden History 1/1

Here you can explore the Hidden History that is in the game.

For you to start you need to go the place shown below.

Then you have to go to this board.

Then you have to go to this welcome board.

After that you are supposed to go to this location.

And then you’ll have to go to this location here.

And at the end you’ll have to go back to the welcome board.

Dumpster Diving 1/2

You can find this first dumpster dive here.

You need to get around this wall.

And then just jump into your dumpster.

Fast Travel Photo 1/1

You can find the Fast Travel Photo here.

You just need to take a picture of the Bear.

Dumpster Diving 2/2

You need to get to this location, and go down these stairs.

And when you get down from the stairs on the right you’ll see the dumpster.

Drug Pallet 1-3/6

Here is the location for the first 3 pallets.

First you need to get to this location.

Then climb onto that building.

And on this roof you can find 3 of the first drug pallets (they will be shown on the map).

Photo Hunt 1/2

Here is the location where you can find the first Photo Hunt in Marina West.

You’ll just have to take a picture of this statue.

Photo Hunt 2/2

The second Photo Hunt you can find on this location.

You’ll just have to take a picture of this statue.

Drug Pallet 4-6/6 and Weather Station 1/1

Here is the location where you can find the rest drug pallets

Here you can find the Weather Station.

And on the other side on the beach you will find the last 3 drug pallets.

We really hope that this guide helped you find all the collectibles in Saints Row Marine West, now go on and win the entire city back.

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