Next, we are moving to Smelterville West to find all of the discoveries locations.

Saints Row is a great open-world game filled with different missions and hidden collectibles that you can obtain if you want to unlock new and unique scenarios and character items. Having the game fully completed to 100% progress will surely show you some funny features that you can enjoy!

In this guide, you will find all the hidden history locations in St. Thomas Corvacho in Saints Row.

Smelterville West All Discoveries Locations – Saints Row

There are several objects located in Smelterville West as well and all of them are in different areas.

Discovery Location 1 – Milk Carton

Starting from this location, go from the other side under the bridge and take a picture from the cartoon milk location.

Discovery Location 2 – Photo Hunt – Joe Cola Bottle Cap

The second discovery from this list is the Joe Cola Bottle Cap.

Discovery Location 3 – Dumpster Diving

One more place to visit and get some useful items.

Discovery Location 4 – Hidden History – Frank’s 80/20 Brewery

Here you’ll need to go across different places ad read the historical tables.

The first one will be after a few meters on your right.

The second historical table will be located in front of the bravery.

The next one will be located behind the bravery inside the walls.

Go into the bar and get the ability to read one more of the historical tables.

The last one will be located here:

Discovery Location 5 – Drug Pallet

There will be several pairs of drug pallets. You need to go here:

Once you’re there you need to go up on the first rooftop on your left.

The second one will be located behind the big barrels once you jump from the previous rooftop.

And the last one will be hung on the big box.

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