Check this guide and learn all of the St. Thomas Corvacho Hidden History Locations I Saint Row.

Saints Row is a great open-world game filled with different missions and hidden collectibles that you can obtain if you want to unlock new and unique scenarios and character items. Having the game fully completed to 100% progress will surely show you some funny features that you can enjoy!

In this guide, you will find all the hidden history locations in St. Thomas Corvacho in Saints Row.

St. Thomas Corvacho Hidden History Locations – Saints Row

Starting from this point in East Providencia you’ll be able to all of the hidden history locations in St. Thomas Corvacho.

Hidden History Location 1

The first one will be right across the street once enter the East Providencia.

Hidden History Location 2

Once you read the information from the first one turn right and just after a few steps on the left behind the black border.

Hidden History Location 3

Once you’ve read the second history table, turn your head left and jump across the other border there to read the next table located on the left in front of the house.

Hidden History Location 4

The fourth will be located under the tunnel once you turn right from the previous location.

Hidden History Location 5

The last one will be on the main street once you exit the block you were previously in.

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