Saints Row: West Flats All Discoveries Locations

Time to search the west and find out where all of the discoveries from the West Flats in Saints Row are.

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No end to the new collectibles in Saints Row. This time we are looking into the West Flats. There is a certain number of drug pallets, items and photos that need to be taken from this area as well. As we all know, Saints Row has plenty of areas full of this kind of item and you’re tasked to get them. To do that the easiest way possible read the text below and learn where to search for them.

West Flats All Discoveries Locations – Saints Row

Location 1 – Drug Pallet 1-6

To get the first three you need to start from this location on the map:

Number one and number two will be located on the first two rooftops on your left.

Once you grab them, the last one from this area will be on the rooftop cross from the previous two.

The rest of them will be located in this place on the map:

The first will be right behind the wall that will be located in front of you. You need to jump and get it.

After that, turn left and hop on the box to get pallet number 5.

And the last one will be above the green container next to the previous pallet.

Location 2 – Photo Hunt 1&2

The first photo hunt will be located here:

You’ll need to take the photo from the Bowling Pin hung on the building.

The second one will be located here:

And this time you’re picturing the old water tower.

Location 3 – DD

You can find hidden item In the yellow container located here:

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