Let’s collect the Tome of Fates in Salt and Sacrifice!

One of the collectives in Salt And Sacrifice is the Tome of Fates and all of them are in different locations. To find them easily and save your time follow this quid and do like it’s written in the directions. You need to get all of them so you can successfully win the trophy.

Salt And Sacrifice: All Tome Of Fates Locations

Location 1: Ashpeak Castle- Gray Tome Of Fates

Starting from the Ashbourne Village go left and enter the portal to the Ashpeak Castle.

Once you’re inside go up and exit the door on your right so you can continue your road.

Go through the road like it’s leading you and climb the stairs.

After you pass the 2 electrical ropes, use your main rope to climb on the to terasse.

There will be your Gray Tome of Fates.

Location 2: Bol Gerahn – Ochre Tome Of Fates

To get the second one you will need to start your journey in the Bol Gerahn Region and go left. And climb the par of stairs, then jump on the right platform like it’s shown in the picture.

Continue as the road is leading you to climb on the first rock platforms and jump on the left stairs.

Climb the wooden stairs and continue the climb to the right side and then after a few meters jump on the first left stairs.

Use your rope to jump on the platform shown in the picture and exit the castle to climb on the second floor.

Do the same thing climb on the third floor and then again on the top.

Continue straight and climb on the right platform.

Once you are on the top enter the left portal.

Go through the portal road and again climb up as it’s shown below, enter the marked portal to collect the Ochre Tone of Fates.

Location 3: Betrayal Crag- Emerald Tome Of Fates

To collect the Emerald Tome of Fates start from the Corvius’Mire region, go right, and climb the par of wooden stairs until you enter The Great Tree.

Once you’re inside stick to the left side of the wall, climb on the top of the tree and jump on the right platform shown in the picture.

Continue East until you enter the Betrayal Crag.

Go up on the left side and you will see the Emerald Tome of Fates.

Location 4: Dreadstone Peak- Cyan Tome Of Fates

Once you’re in the Dreadstone Peak go right, activate and enter the Falling Star and jump down.

You will find the Cyan Tome of Fates there.

Location 5: Elder Copse Region – Cerulean Tome Of Fates

Go left and after a few meters, there will be the Cerulean Tome of Fates.

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