Salt and Sacrifice: Chain Whip Location

Time to find the Chain Whip Weapon Location in Salt and Sacrifice!

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Salt and Sacrifice has a ton of interesting weapons that players can obtain by exploring the lands and defeating monsters and bosses. These weapons come with their own specific mechanics which makes them different from each other.

This guide will show you the Chain Whip weapon location in Salt and Sacrifice.

Salt and Sacrifice: Chain Whip Location

To begin this journey, you must firstly obtain the Filthy Key which is located in the Temple of Bol Gerahn, in the region of Bol Gerahn.

To obtain the key, you must climb to the top left side of the temple and fight a boss. After you’re victorious, the Filthy Key will be yours.

Your next objective is to drop down a few floors and go to the left side of the temple. As you drop down, you will find three stone platforms that make a stair pattern which you can climb onto and find the hidden door in the wall.

Jump inside the hole in the wall and enter the secret area.

The weapon that you are looking for will be on the first wooden platform that you drop onto.

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