Skyrim Anniversary Edition: Light Armor Location – Level 1

Let me show you how to get the best light armor in level 1!

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If you want to start this game with armor that has full capacity and strength, I can show you the way.  As you know if your armor has full strength you already have more chances to pass the upcoming battles that are coming.

This guide will show you how to get the light armor at level 1 in Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition: Light Armor Location – Level 1

First I am going to present the parts of your armor and their strength and how many points they contain, to increase your power.

This here is the LEATHER SCOUT ARMOR, which rating is almost good as the glass armor which has an armor rating of 76. The chest increases the light armor to 17 points, so at level one, you have a pretty strong armor.

The helmet has an enchant that gives Bows 25% increased damage.

Leather scout gauntlets are also very powerful, and they make your pickpocketing skills 25% better.

And finally, the leather scout boots which increase your stamina to 40 points. Also, these boots increase your carry weight by another 20 points, which is perfect for thieves, and you can carry more stolen subjects.

Now that you saw why you should go for this armor, it’s time to see where you can find it. You should head southeast from Solitude to Cliffside Retreat.

Before arriving at Cliffside Retreat, the fastest way to get there it’s to go to Whiterun Stables to take the carriage to go to Solitude, and after that, with the carriage, you should head to Cliffside Retreat. It is a bit of a walk, but the armor is worth the effort.

Once you arrive at the Cliffside Retreat, you should go straight to the small hut, with a hunter nearby.

Inside this hunter’s hut, on the barrel will be one notebook and one letter, which you need to take with you.

From this letter, you will find out that someone has betrayed you, and you should go find him in a Lost Echo Cave for revenge.

Now you are entering into the next quest, named Double-Edge, which tells you to go to the Lost Echo Cave and disrupt Zaharias’s plan and remove the letter. From the Cliffside Retreat, you should head North West to the Lost Echo Cave.

After you have arrived at the Lost Echo Cave, on your right side of the road you will find the entrance to the barrow.

Once you are inside, you need to prepare yourself, because in front of you will be the person who has betrayed you, and it’s better to attack him before he sees you.

Next, you should go down the stairs, through the cave and there will be your guy, right in front of you.

When you search for the first man there, you will find one notebook with his confession for the betrayal written in it and one sword.

However, the most important thing is searching Zaharia, and taking the Light Armor with the items which we discussed at the beginning of this article.

To exit the Cave, you need to activate the fireplace on your right side, by adding some pieces from the Glowing Mushrooms from the wall. And the door will open itself.