This guide will help you to reveal Party Gordo Location for June 24th - 26th in Slime Rancher.

As we all know that Slime Rancher is a cool game where you can do several fun stuff like shooting, traveling through dimensions and learning a new type of creature. In the following two days, you’ll be able to find the Party Gordo Location in Slime Rancher. This article can help you do that faster and all you need to do is to follow the given instructions. Let’s start!

Party Gordo Location (June 24-26) – Slime Rancher

The Party Gordo is an image blanket, so you’ll need to take 10 pieces of fruit, veggies or hand hands with you to get this item. It’s on you to make your decent combination.

You’ll need to go in the mash blankets. To go into that part you’ll need to get yourself in the big Central Area.

Once you’re there is no need to search deeply. Just head straight and hop on the first platform in front of you.

 You’ll find your Party Gordo at the end of the platform.

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