Check this guide and find the locations from All The Dark Crystals & Past Gate in Souldiers.

It looks like there is no end to the hidden things in Souldiers! During the game, you’ll also need to find where are All of the Dark Crystals & Past Gate located. To do that faster and to save your time read the following text and enjoy the exploring!

All Dark Crystal Location & Past Gate – Souldiers

Dark Crystal – 1

The first one will be located in the following part of the Sunken Lab:

Once you’re there you’ll need to use the Pig Bomb and get to the underground area to pick up the crystal.

Dark Crystal – 2

Next you need to in the next area from the Dragon Castle:

It will be on the rooftop from the castle.

Dark Crystal – 3

The third one will be hidden in the following area from Spider Liar:

Dark Crystal – 4

Time to visit the Great Pyramid and get the 4th crystal.

Dark Crystal – 5

The next one will be located in the Floating Module:

You will need to successfully pass the path and get on the bottom of the Floating Module.

Dark Crystal – 6

There are also some of the dark crystals in the Fire Templets.

Just get yourself there and jump for your crystal.

Past Gate – 1

Once you have collected it’s time to put them in the positions so you can open the first gate of the Past and find out about Beigon’s story and his time on the Earth.

Here is some moment that captures the full meaning of the story and information that need to be memorized because they give full mining of the game.

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