Read this guide and learn where to search for the dark crystals in Souldiers.

We all know the benefits of dark crystals and that there are only 6 of them separated in different areas. Also finding them will be one of your main quests. Some of them are hard to find and this guide can help you learn the proper way to do that. Despite that, at the end of this article, you can learn where to put them to have the maximum benefit of it and reveal really interesting storylines about Souldiers.

All Dark Crystals Locations – Souldiers

Dark Crystal 1 – Spider Lair

The first one is located in the Spider Liar in this area.

Once you’re inside throw the bomb on the wooden bridge and on top of the sharp lines to make a hole.

The Frist Dark Crystal will be under them.

Dark Crystal 2 – Great Pyramid

Next, you need to go to the Great Pyramid.

Once you start to form this area you’ll need to touch the fake light crystal and start the battle.

After you win the battle you can take your crystal from the stone platform right in front of you.

Dark Crystal 3 – Floating Module

Same Location different area. This time go to the Floating Module from the Great Pyramid Map.

Use the fast travel option to transfer yourself there. Once you’re there turn left and take the first stairs to go up.

Continue left, jump the electric waves and jump in the first hole you see.

Take next right and use the pig bomb to start the battle with the big monster.

Once you win the battle pull the big gray coffin.

Push it in the right hole to make yourself a way that will directly lead you to the next dark crystal.

It will be on the edge of the floating module.

Dark Crystal 4 – Sunken Laboratory

 The fourth one will be located in the Sunken Laboratory.

Once you’re there go up and start to push the wooden boxes into the bottom of the water from both sides.

After you do that go up and start the elevators and hop on them. You’ll as well need to do this on both sides.

That will help you to put the pig bombs in the hole and unlock the crystal.

Dark Crystal 5 – Fire Temple

Go to the Fire Temple to get the 5th crystal.

Go right and then up to open the portal there.

Next, go again to the unlocked portal sneak yourself, and then transform to pass the Lavine. You’ll need to activate the fan there to start moving.

Do that until you reach the top and get to this place shown in the following picture to get this dark crystal.

Dark Crystal 6 – Dragon Castle

Start from this area of the Dragon castle map:

Go down and then right, use the bubbles to get yourself on the roof, and jump to get your last dark crystal.

Use Of The Dark Crystals

I won’t reveal one because It will be such a huge spoiler and it’s better to reveal the story on your own I will only put some of them (for me) from the story reveals.

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