Souldiers: All Weapons Locations

Let's head out on an adventure and find all weapons locations in Souldiers!

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Even though you have many side quests and main missions to complete in Souldiers, you will also need to find the hidden weapons that are in several locations. This guide can help you do that. In the following text, you will see where you can find different types of weapons!

Let’s search for the All Weapons Locations in Souldiers!

Souldiers All Weapons Locations – Souldiers

Location 1 – Bomb

To find the hidden bomb you will need to relieve the trapped pig in the spider nets. Once you relieve him he will open the hidden door and pass you the bomb.

Location 2 – Acolyte Fire

Next, you will search for the Acolyte Fire- it will unleash a burst of fire that will move toward your enemies. You can find it in the blue coffin located in a place in the following picture:

Location 3 – Kobolt Hammer

You will find it also in a specific place from the Spider Liar, and its use will be mostly to reach the enemies that are above you.

Location 4 – Nomad Dagger

You can find this one in the Sibuna desert in the area shown in the next picture. You can use it to hit faraway enemies. It will be behind the wall where the two lines are shown.

Location 5 – Sand Mortal

Send Mortal is a little bigger and heavier than other weapons, and its shells produce sandy explosions that can make a distraction.

Location 6 – Poison-laced Khopesh

This time you will go to the center of the Great Pyramid to find the Poison-laced Khopesh. After you win the battle there you can get it and use it for launching toward your enemies.

Location 7 – Flash Bomb

Also, in another area from the Great Pyramid, you will find the Flash Bomb. You can use this to blind your enemies for the moment.

Location 8 – Shield of Zarga

You will get this one as a reward for finishing the Ironclads Side Quest! It can protect you from both sides.

Location 9 – Ionic Nail

On the top of the purple coffin, you can get the Ionic Nail that will successfully cut the path of your enemies.

Location 10 – Pig Bombs

The pig-looking bomb can climb walls and ceilings, and areas that are not available.

Location 11 – Heart of Ice

After you find the pig bomb, you will need to use it so you can reach the Heart of Ice. Just throw the bomb in the hole so it can open the coffin where this weapon is hidden.

Location 12 – Sea Urchin

Next, we go to the laboratory from Hafin Sewers to get the Sea Urchin. It can shoot in every direction upon impact.

Location 13 – Dark Claw

The Dark Claw can be found in the Floating Module. You will as well need to use the pig bomb to get there and it can serve you when you’re around sharp objects.

Location 14 – Robopichiti

One more item from the Floating Module. This idem will follow you until it finds a suitable target to launch itself at.

Location 15 – Remote Control Bombs

Remote control bombs will be yours after you pass the Vimana technology side quest. They will be of huge use because are responsible for the right timing.

Location 16 – Garnerock Chakram

In Hafin City after you finish the reddish blade- side quest and you talk win Sinka you will get this item.

Location 17 – Dark Axe

It’s hidden in the Great Pyramid inside the coffin surrounded by green lighting.

Location 18 – Dark Lance

After you remove the pyramid made of armors, inside the coffin in the following place will be the Dark Lance.

Location 19 – Dark Razor

In the middle of the Fire Temple, you can find the Dark Razor. Once you hop on the sand stairs and get yourself on the higher platform you will be able to get the Dark Razor which can go through walls and ground.

Location 20 – Dark Sword

The Dark Sword will be inside the Dragon Castle. No need to explain this one it can be all captured from the picture.

Location 21 – Dark Whip

Once you go back again to the Hafin Sewers you’ll find the Dark Whip. When you solve the bubble puzzle you will get this weapon that will unleash a wave of fire or electricity.

Location 22 – Five Viper

This weapon will help you to light up your enemies until they melt themselves.

Location 23 – Hipicus Crystal

Inside the ground of the Sunken Laboratory, you will find this weapon that will help you to release electricity hits.

Location 24 – Mandrake

Hidden inside the woods from Spider Liar. This weapon will give you the ability to immobilize any enemy that has crossed you.

Location 25 – Winter Rose

As well found in the Sunken Laboratory, the Winter Rose will help you to easily deal with your flying enemies.