Looking for the wonder seeds in the Search Party Empty Park area in Super Mario Bros Wonder? Well check out this guide to see where they are.

The Search Party Empty Park map is the next area that we will be uncovering for Super Mario Bros Wonder. There are a few Wonder Seeds here that need to be uncovered and collected. Now hop on the adventure and let’s go and find these wonder seeds!

In this guide, you will see where all Wonder Seeds are located in the Search Party Empty Park for Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Search Party Empty Park Wonder Seeds Locations

As you get on the level, you need to hit the first invisible blocks to reveal the path up to the very top. You will see the first flower, and just above it, you will find more invisible blocks.

Once you hit a block on top, you will reveal a waterfall that you can swim into.

After getting the flower in the waterfall, swim up the cloud so you can stand on it, jump above the cloud to reveal two more platforms which will reveal another waterfall and a flower.

Now get into the second waterfall and swim in the middle of it to reveal the final platforms which will also reveal the final waterfall.

After revealing the final waterfall, swim into it and swim to the very left side of it. There you will hit another platform which reveals the final fifth flower.

And there you have it. That is where all 5 hidden flowers are located. We hope this guide helped you!

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