Looking for all the items in the Search Party Pipe Park for Super Mario Bros Wonder? - Don't worry as we have got you covered!

The Search Party Pipe Park is filled with a lot of pipes that can be moved and also be used to get hidden items such as the flowers in Super Mario Bros Wonder. The flowers in this game are important as you want to fill up your collectors book and make sure you fully complete Super Mario Bros Wonder.

In this guide, I will show you where you can find all items locations in the Search Party Pipe Park for Super Mario Bros Wonder.

Search Party Pipe Park All Items Locations

Once you begin the level, you will see a lot of pipes, on the sixth pipe, you want to drop down and get into it to push yourself to a hidden room down below.

Once inside, you will see a giant flower, drop to the lower part and go left to go into another hidden pipe which will make you big in order to be able to get the flower.

The next flower is located at the very right side of the level. You need to drop down into the last pipe and it will take you to a hidden room where there is a handle that you need to pull.

Keep pulling the handle and hit the two hidden blocks to jump higher and higher in order to reveal the flower.

The next flower item will be located on the upper part of the map. On the right side, you will see a few pipes that go down as you stand onto them, you need to stand on the third or fourth pipe to make the furthest left pipe go up as much as possible.

After you’ve got that one down, you need to be fast, jump on the left risen pipe and double jump again to get into a secret little area where there is another flower item.

Get back to where you were with the pipes and go to the very right side where there is a pipe you can go into. The pipe will take you to a hidden room on the right where you can push the right pipe and reveal another flower item.

And to get the final pipe, you need to other side of the area, push the taller pipe to the very left end, jump on it and you will jump over another pipe and a small room with the final flower item.

I hope this guide helped you figure out where all items were located in the Search Party Pipe Park for Super Mario Bros Wonder.

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