Looking for all the flowers in the Search Party Puzzling Park in Super Mario Bros Wonder? - Well check out this guide to find them!

The Search party Puzzling Park is filled with invisible blocks and hidden mysteries that will reveal various flowers and power ups. There are a lot of flowers here so let’s begin searching for them and help you fill up your collection book as much as possible.

In this guide, you will see all the flower locations for the Search Party Puzzling Park in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Search Party Puzzling Park ALL Flower Locations

As you exit the Search Party Puzzling Park, you will see the flower at the very top of the screen. Here you need to jump and hit some invisible blocks to reveal them.

To get to the second flower, you need to jump right and you will see another platform with a yellow pipe sticking from above.

Go into the pipe and it will take you to a hidden place on the very top right side of the screen where another flower can be seen.

The third flower is located at the very bottom of the ground. Drop down and go right. You need to fall down at the very right edge of the map and you will see the flower on the ground.

Take the pipe to get back up to the top.

To get the next flower, you want to get back up from where you fell on the wooden platform and hit an invisible block which is going to form a lift for you to climb up and get the flower.

The final flower is located at the bottom floor of the map, you need to push a yellow pipe to a specific area with the elephant form and jump on top of it to reveal a hidden block and the flower as well.

And there you have it. Those are all the flower locations that you need to find, nice and easy!

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