One more weapon on the list in Ascent Cyber Heist to get! This guide will show you where to look for the Guillotine Weapon and how to use it.

The Ascent Cyber Heist is an action fantasy game where you will get the chance to meet different creatures and characters. There will be a top list of weapons as well, that will offer you the effect of triple trouble and easy pass to your aim. If you don’t know where to look for this weapon then this article can help you.

Guillotine Weapon Location – The Ascent Cyber Heist

 Same like the other weapons you’ll need to own the cyber heist DLC or gain access and play with someone who owns it.

You’ll start looking for this weapon in the new Harbor area. The right place where you start from is the metro there.

After that you’ll need to go only straight after you get in the elevator shown in the picture and go one floor up.

Go next to the shops and enter the room shown below:

Go down the stairs next to the closed chest. In order to open it, you’ll need to have the Ghost of Evil, and once you do that you will be able to get the Guillotine DLC weapon.

Here is the list of things you can do with it:

  • You can fight with 30 enemies at once
  • It swings a lot faster
  • A lot more damage
  • You can fight both robot and human enemies
  • Higher effect of killing

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