Let’s find the hidden items from chapter 10 in The Quarry!

Every chapter in The Quarry has more and more things that need to be done. Before all of that, you need to focus on getting the collectibles because some of them will give you the right clue to continue the game, and some of them will for sure give you the strength to go against the unpleasant surprises. To do that ASAP in chapter 8 the guide can help you.

The Quarry: Chapter 10 All Collectible Locations

#1 Location – Clue 1

Once you start the chapter and you take control over Kaitlyn, you need to climb the stairs on your right. Now that you’re on the next floor, take the first left and look for the bedroom to get yourself in front of the left window.

There will be the first item.

#2 Location – Tarot Card 1

To get the first tarot card from this chapter, you will need to exit the room from the previous collectible and head up the stairs outside the room. After that turn left and wait for the camera to allow you the view so you can get the card.

#3 Location – Clue 2

To get the item from the second clue, go back to the middle floor and search the paintings. Choose the ,,keep searching’’ option so you can look deeper into the pictures.

#4 Location – Clue 3

 This is connected with chapter 5. You must win the first QTE and miss the second and the third one. With this, you will make Bobby pick up the table that you must shoot. If you don’t do that this item won’t be there.

If you done all of the above, then your next item will be on the right side from the hanged portrait.

#5 Location – Clue 4

Continue as the road is leading you and enter the door on your right. Once you do that go past the stairs and enter the classroom on your right. Your clue will be written on the whiteboard.

#6 Location – Clue 5 & Evidence 1

At the end of this chapter, you will bet the item from your 5th clue and the first evidence.

Go upstairs from the classroom and find the collectibles in the first room on the next level, laying on the ground.

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