Time to dive into chapter 2 and find all the collectibles in The Quarry.

The Quarry is an interesting story horror game where you will go into different chapters and complete objectives. During your time on all of these chapters, collectibles can be obtained which will unlock some Easter eggs and even get you to that 100% game progress.

This guide will show you all the collectible locations in Chapter 2 for The Quarry.

The Quarry: Chapter 2 All Collectible Locations

Clue #1

Once you enter the general store and begin controlling Emma, on the floor next to the shelves where Jacob is located you will find the first clue.

Clue #2

The second clue can be located in the same area where the previous collectible was, move over to the wooden table to obtain it.

Evidence #1

This collectible can be located inside the locked room, on the right side of the fridge.

Clue #3

When you start controlling Dylan, go inside the first room and you will find the next clue placed on the desk.

Clue #4

This next clue can be obtained automatically during the cut-scene from where you find the previous clue.

Clue #5

When you reach to a certain point where you control Nick for the first time, pick the “Shady Glade” path. Continue following the path on the right side and at the end you will find the next clue.

Clue #6

This next clue can be obtained right after the cut-scene from the previous collectible. You will be given a choice to make between Shady Glade or Rocky Road. Pick the Shady Glade area and continue going left until you find a box.

Tarot Card #1

From the previous collectible area, you had to choose between the Shady Glade or Rocky Road. You now will need to choose the Rocky Road area and take the path on the left side to find the Tarot Card.

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