The Quarry: Chapter 4 All Collectible Locations

Begin chapter 4 and let's get all of these collectibles in The Quarry.

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The Quarry is an interesting story horror game where you will go into different chapters and complete objectives. During your time on all of these chapters, collectibles can be obtained which will unlock some Easter eggs and even get you to that 100% game progress.

This guide will show you all the collectible locations in Chapter 4 for The Quarry.

The Quarry: Chapter 4 All Collectible Locations

Tarot Card #1

The first tarot card can be obtained once you start controlling Emma. Turn towards the pier and walk to the end of it, there you will be able to find the card.

Clue #1

This clue can be obtained once you are with Emma. Follow the path that will take you down and lead you to a ladder. Before going up the ladder, go to the left and you will be able to obtain the collectible.

Clue #2

The second clue can be obtained if you go back to the area from where you’ve started with Emma. Go up the stairs on the left side and walk until you get to a small hut.

As you walk towards the hut on the wooden platform, walk up to the window and interact with it, whatever you do, do not interact with the door, you’ll miss the collectible.

Evidence #1

The evidence can be obtained in the small hut where the previous collectible was. This time interact with the door to begin the cut scene.

There will be a small cut-scene here, after the cut scene, you will have two options, Open Trapdoor or Search Bag. Choose the Search Bag option.

You will then continue to open the trap door, opening the trap door will give you a jump scare. This time you will have to choose between Use Bear Spray or Use Taser. Make sure to pick the Use Taser option.

Tarot Card #2

The second card can be obtained after you have finished your scenario with Emma. During the first cut-scene when the group is talking to Nick. Here you will need to press your action button to interact and get the card right after the cut-scene.

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