Check out this guide and discover All Collectible Locations from Chapter 8 in The Quarry.

The Quarry is a new horror game that contains many quests in which you will need to collect different items. They are in different areas and may take you some time to find them. To skip the searching problems in Chapter 8 and follow the instructions given in this guide to get them faster.

The Quarry: Chapter 8 All Collectible Locations

#1 Location- Clue 1

The first location that you need to visit is at the beginning in the cave, right after you take control over Laura. It’s the old Quarry Tools that you will need to get.

#2 Location- Clue 2

The second item from the next clue will be next to the water on the right side.

#3 Location- Tarot Card 1

Next you will need to find the first Tarot Card from this chapter. Try to stick on the left side in the next area close to the railing and get the card.

#4 Location- Evidence 1

For this one be careful, because you may fall before crossing the metal bridge that will start to fall. Grab his hand and hop on the stable platform.

Go behind the wall on the left and get the evidence.

#5 Location- Tarot Card 2

The second Tarot Card will be found stuck on the wall as you pass the wooden tunnel.

#6 Location- Tarot Card 3

The third tarot card it’s on Rayan to get. So after passing the scene with Dylan and the res of the group enter the room on your left and get the card.

#7 Location- Clue 3

The third clue (Rum Still) that you will need to come across will be in the same room as the previous Tarot Card.

#8 Location- Tarot Card 4

And to get the last tarot card from this chapter, go back to the hall where you have taken control over Ryan, head straight until your camera is available to change the perspective and get your card.

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