The Quarry: Chapter 9 All Collectible Locations

Check this guide and discover all collectible locations from the 9th chapter in the Quarry!

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The Quarry has many hidden items, clues and evidence that needs to be collected. That will remain the same in chapter 9 where you have a new group of things that need to be found. If you want to skip all of the necessary movements read this guide and learn how to do that faster.

The Quarry: Chapter 9 All Collectible Locations

#1 Location – Evidence 1

At the moment you start to control Ryan, turn right when you see the cupboard on which will you see the first evidence.

#2 Location – Tarot Card 1

It will be at the same place as the box with evidence, just go close to the bad and wait for the camera to allow you to get the card. The card will be located above the mirror.

#3 Location – Clue 1

After getting these two, you will start to control Laura the next item will be just in front of you.

#4 Location – Clue 2

Once you get the Hunting Trophy Wall, go upstairs and enter the office on that floor to get the next clue which is standing to the TV.

#5 Location – Tarot Card 2

Next, you will need to enter the room on the same floor that has boarded windows. From there you will get your second Tarot Card.

#6 Location – Clue 3

The third clue will be on the top floor of the garage that will appear on your right. That will happened after you get the control of Dylan/Kaitlyn in the Scrapyard.

#7 Location – Tarot Card 3

The third card will be on the top of the containers. So go up the stairs and turn left. Wait for the camera to allow a changing view so you can get the card.

#8 Location – Clue 4

After you got the previous Tarot Card, go down through the stairs from the same container, head left and you will see the third clue engraved on the wooden board.

#9 Location – Tarot Card 4

The last collectible from this chapter will be your 4th card. You can get it when you start having control over Abi/ Emma in the basement. Just go around the corner, keep on the right side and then head toward the stairs to get your card.

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