Let’s discover All Prologue Collectible Locations in The Quarry!

This is a very exciting new horror game that will have so many tasks and quests that need to be done. To start the game properly you will need to collect some items that will help you to upgrade your character and do all of the rest missions. Follow this guide so you can collect them faster and set up the best version of yourself!

The Quarry: All Prologue Collectible Locations

#1 Location – Tarot Card

This one will appear in the game right after the accident with Laura. She will be the one that will decide to check out the wood and detect the card.

#2 Location – Clue 1

Right after you have collected the card go straight and you will see this paper hung on the tree.

It’s the same at the very first start of the game.

#3 Location – Clue 2

You will need continue walking through the woods and right after you pass the fork that will be across you, take the first left to find the second clue.

It will be a chest with handcuffs and other stuff inside. Try to memorize that and take a picture.

 #4 Location – Clue 3

Take the next right and you will found out a new information from the items you see there.

#5 Location – Clue 4

The very last one is story related and from this one you will learn about Blooded Collar.

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