Trek To Yomi: All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 4)

Let’s find All Collectibles Locations in Trek To Yomi (Chapter 4)

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Trek To Yomi is a very unique linear game with so little side content that you can do or explore in the world. Anyway, there are a few hidden collectibles that you will want to find throughout the world of the game. If you are able to find all of them, you can be rewarded with some special rewards.

In this guide, we will show you All Collectibles Locations In Trek To Yomi (Chapter 4)

Trek To Yomi: All Collectibles Locations (Chapter 4)

Bo-Shuriken Rotation Attack

At the start, make your way to the left, by the gib tree, then on the other side, you will come to a broken wooden bridge. On the edge of the bridge, you will be able to find your Bo-Shuriken Rotation Attack.


As you go through the forest, you will reach an area with NPCs and two cages near a village with a bonfire. In front of the second cage at the right, you will find the collectible item.


When you reach the Bonfire, on the left side you will see a house with an open door. Go inside the house, and then on the table on the front you will find Noppera-bo.

Health Upgrade #1

At the same Bonfire, make your way to the right pathway and then you will come to another Bonfire where will find your health upgrade sitting on a box.

Light Thrust

Once you come to the small lake, run to the left side to come to the end of the lake. At the edge of the water, in front of the bushes, you can find your Light Thrust.


Continue on for a while until you climb into an area with a shrine, and large torii gate on the right, and a pagoda on the left. Make your way left to the pagoda and on the box in the left corner you will collect Otoroshi.

Stamina Upgrade #1

From the pagoda just continue walking to the left, then on the stump will be located the Stamina Upgrade.


You have to go to the building near the dam, and on the boxes, in front, you will find the collectible.

Stamina Upgrade #2

On the same place where you found Hitotsume-Kozo, climb the ladder to go to the upper platform, then go right to the end where you will find Stamina Upgrade.


Fight the samurai on the rope bridge in the cavern and pass the large face carved in the mountain. Then go through the swamp, and climb up. Continue to the path going to the right. You will come to a tree that you have to push down at the waterfall. Pass through the tree to come on the other side where you will be able to find Yurei.

Stamina Upgrade #3

In the same place, next to the Yurei, you will find the Stamina upgrade.


After fighting the samurai on the wooden bridge, make your way up to the hill on the other side. Run to the end of the path where you will find a corpse by a fire. Here you will find this collectible.


You have to go through the house with the spiders that come from the walls, and then climb up the ledge outside. Follow the path toward a bridge, then go left to find this collectible by a cage at the end.


Once you arrive at the village, go to the right across the bridge. You will come to a shrine where is placed a ladder. Climb on the upper platform and go to the right end.


Run across the collapsing bridge, then you can go up to a shrine or climb up the broken bridge on your right. On the wooden box, you will find this collectible.


You have to continue up through the small village, and then go to the beam down to make a path. Slide down the hill and go to the box, next to the cage, where you will find the last collectible.

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