Turbo Overkill: How to Find the Secret Mayo Location

Time to find the Secret Mayo in Turbo Overkill!

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Turbo Overkill is an interesting adventure shooter game that allows the player to roam around the given map and kill enemies with different interesting tactics. The game also has a ton of interesting hidden areas that you can go to and maybe even find some good loot. These hidden areas are also connected with some stories that can be found interesting for some players.

This guide will show you how to find the Secret Mayo in Turbo Overkill!

Turbo overkill: How to Find the Secret Mayo Location

Once you enter the area where three enemies can be found above you. Be careful as they will begin attacking you.

After passing the first fight, continue heading East, then you should go straight and after a few meters, you will find a set of boxes full of shells, 8 pieces each that you can collect.

After you enter the door in front of you and came out, there will be another group of opponents that you will have to fight with. After you’ve dealt with the opponents, simply jump towards the left and go around the blue sign to reach the opening of the wall.

Once you reach the small opening, you will notice a purple armor that will grant you 200 armor.

Left from the collected item, you will find your secret mayo.