Let’s learn more about Anvil Saga in this Game Review!

This blacksmith-simulating game is one of the most interesting games of this type that came out just now. With an amazing scenario and given tasks, you’ll be able to fully enjoy it. In the following text, I hope that you see the difference why this simulation game is worth playing and it’s different than the rest. Let’s start!

Game Review – Anvil Saga

Anvil Saga Game Story

You play as the son of the blacksmiths that will train you to become the best in the line of the blacksmiths.

The Day and Night cycles of the game will make you feel like you’re really there and you need to take over the blacksmiths.

Anvil Saga Settings & Look

It’s all happening between houses, nature, and trees in France during the 100year war, where you’ll do your upgrade and training. Even if it’s all pixelated it’s really charming and looks great.

Before you start the game you can choose your character type, costumes and language.

Be aware, use and control your character skills like smelting, sharpening, forging, etc.

The effects and sounds are also compatible with what’s happening and will for sure increase the enjoyment and fun even more.

Contrast and different lighting effects will take care of so you won’t notice the pixelated part of the game.

Anvil Saga Gameplay

You will need to take care of your character well-being, so you’ll need to cook, eat, sleep and purchase some supplies to make your base full.

If you don’t like to do that on your own you can also hire some workers to take that job instead of you.

Taking care of the sleep and training for your workers will also be on your obligation list and salary for the day they worked.

Building your ore, environment and house will be the most fun thing whit the available tools.

Tacking care for customers and getting their orders will need to be your priority because you’ll increase your income and benefit twice more.

During the game, you’ll be given different choices and decisions that you need to think about because they will provide your next activities.

Choose wisely that will affect the actions of the other character in the game too!

Is Anvil Saga Worth Playing?

Definitely YES!

You’ll be able to have your Empire in France during the 100 war that can be built to your taste.

You may have visits from different characters, women that you’ll have a crush on as well as famous people presented in Anvil Saga characters.

There is not a single convincing reason not to try this game. You’ll love it for sure.

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