Arma Reforger: Pros & Cons

Want to know what are the Pros & Cons of Arma Reforger?

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If you’ve been intimidated by Arma in the past or have fallen off the game, Arma Reforger now going into Early Access. Is looking to hook you back in with a smaller stand-alone experience that the community can mod test and change. Arma Reforger is an open-world game, placed on the island of Everon back in the 1980s. This standalone early access game looking to amaze a new generation of Arma players as it goes into Early Access on PC and Xbox.

In this guide, we will tell you about Pros & Cons of Arma Regorger!

Arma Reforger: Pros & Cons

The good news is that Arma Reforger is a test bed for Arma 4, but the bad news is that Arma 4 is still a ways off, and not the Arma game you’ll get to play now in early access.

Arma Reforger is released on both Xbox and PC, which means mods on PC will now work on Xbox. It’s a game that is looking to be a place for the Arma community to put a new infusion engine to the test and hopefully work out the kinks and bugs ahead of Arma 4.

There are 2 multiplayer game modes: conflict and game master.

In Conflict mode, you capture positions around the map, and in Game master mode players take on more specific combat scenarios. There’s also a Workshop for people to start modding and developing their own ideas.

Arma is a game for people who really like hardcore military simulation games. That hasn’t really changed. It is beyond just needing a mic and a few friends. This is needing a large organized crew of players.

In the beginning, you will just stumble around learning to navigate with a compass on the map, then sort out who are you supposed to shoot at. It takes a while to get acclimated to the game, but if you are an avid Arma player that probably won’t be too difficult for you. For better or worse, like all games that you have played with friends, a lot of the fun comes down to who you play with.

Arma did a great job of simulating the chaos, confusion, and even boredom of war. You’ll spend a lot of time just either standing around and planning or traveling to places with brief thrilling firefights, but there’s a satisfaction in the tension and the build-up to those moments.

They might need to start adding more modern conveniences like waypoint markers, contextual call out and ping systems, and a commander system that doesn’t need the squad to physically talk to each other. They haven’t put these in its early access or they’re there but buried in menus or the game just trying to be authentic to an 80s setting.

Another thing that has always been in Arma is that simple actions are still overly complicated in a way that isn’t the case in so many other titles. People struggle to figure out how to spawn vehicles from menus, start up a Humvee and drive it, save a loadout and figure out where to join a squad that was buried a few menus deep.

Also, the grid inventory system in Arma Reforger feels outdated in a way that pulls you out of the experience every time you have to use it. Many modern games have simplified these systems with classes.

When it comes to weapons, the 80s theme keeps things simple. You won’t find a lot or any attachments so far. Fortunately, Arma does have a clever trick which is when you long click the mouse you can focus on the target almost like you have binoculars attached to your eyes.  That helps a lot to see soldiers that are far off which is usually the range you’ll be fighting at.

Shooting feels very snappy and controllable with the series’ usual bullet physics and a lot of what you’d be doing is suppressive fire.

The game still has plenty of glitches like funky ground textures and sometimes frame rate drops. Also, the night time a little too dark, but from a gameplay perspective, you need to see what you’re doing.

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