Cursed to Golf: Game Review

Check out this game review for Cursed to Golf! You may get to learn a lot for this game!

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Cursed to Golf is a Roguelike retro game that has you trapped in levels where you need to golf your way out of every single level. Each level gives you 5 total golfing turns that you can use to escape. During these 5 turns, you can get bonuses such as extra turns or lives if you complete a certain objective, defeat a mob during golfing or by hitting objects.

In this game review, we will go through everything in Cursed to Golf!

Game Review – Cursed to Golf

The game is available on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 4/5
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC
  • Xbox Series S and X

As you start a level, you will begin with 5 turns. When you use 1 turn, you will have 2 charges:

  • 1 Charge is for the strength of the shot
  • 1 Charge is for the direction on where the ball will be going.

There are numerous traps and hazards on each level. Some levels have spikes, fire, lava, and even water where your ball can fly into and break down.

Hitting the ball in one of these spikes will cause you to re-start your shot, which makes you lose a turn.

Don’t worry too much about your turns. You are never limited to only 5 turns, instead, you have a bunch of statues that you can break during your level which can give you more turns and allow you to last in a level much longer!

There are cards in this game that are stacked in your deck of cards. The cards serve a purpose that will help you in various things. Sometimes, you can use a card to help you boost your ball to a different area whilst it’s in the air.

Other cards can grand you extra shots, or even make your ball immune to different hazards.

Lucky for you, to learn more about all the movements, mechanics, and cards for Cursed to Golf, you can have a tutorial that can last quite some time until you learn the basics or even more about the game.

This is a great way to begin learning and make golfing through these levels much easier.

The bad part about this game is the camera. The Camera is zoomed in too much for a golfing game, here you need to see where exactly the ball needs to go and how you need to line it up.

A good part about the whole camera situation is that the developers have created a free-cam mode that allows you to look around and see where you need to shoot, a rather time consuming method instead of just having a zoomed out camera for the game.

As you play this game, it will become easier and more enjoyable due to the bosses that give you permanent buffs. Don’t get too annoyed at the start if things go south, as you play it will all get better!

A game that is currently worth $19.99 on Epic Games, I’d say it’s a bit pricey for the things that it has to offer, but with constant sales happening, it’d definitely be worth giving it a try!

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