Dorfromantik: Game Review

Is Dorfromantik a good game? Time to find out!

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Dorfromantic is an interesting relaxing game that allows the player to expand his lands freely in a hexagon-shaped area. This interesting open-world game will allow you to be even more creative about the things that you build and generate a good lifestyle for your characters.

In this article, we will check out how good Dorfromantik is.

Dorfromantik: Game Review

Dorfromantik is an interesting city builder that is launching on April 28th. As an early access game, Dorfromantik has added a lot of cool features that players can use for building their world.

Graphics & Audio

The game has simple graphics that work great with the gameplay itself. The tile-based system gives the player as he is playing a board game. Bright colors and relaxing music give the game a great flow for building and creating new areas.


When you begin the game, you are given a stack of hexagonal tiles that you can use on the blank areas to place them. As you slowly start to place your tiles, you will notice that the world you build is taking shape.

You are limited with the starting tiles, you can obtain more tiles by completing certain achievements and quests. This is a great way to make the player think and be creative with his builds.

This method is great for making great progress into the game and getting high scores.

As you complete quests, you will unlock new unique tiles that will get along great with your builds.

The relaxing part of this game is that you have all the time you need for creating your build, you are not forced to do anything.

There are certain areas where you are blocked in placing tiles that make no sense in the specific area.

Dorfromantic can be a frustrating game sometimes when you want to make a perfect build, but you will be limited with the tiles you have, and 1 simple tile piece can always annoy a player.

There are different difficulty modes that give you harder tiles to place is you like and challenge you into making the perfect world, you can also enter a creative world where you are not limited, and you can build freely with any tile.

Is it good?

Yes. This is a great game to relax. It is your choice if you want to challenge yourself into making difficult builds with a high tile placement number. But at the end, you can freely sit back and enjoy some relaxing music and get on with building.