Floppy Knights: Game Review

Check out this game review for Floppy Knights!

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Floppy Knights is a tactical card-based game. It’s a story about Rose City Games and Adventures started by Phoebe, an absolutely adorable and excruciatingly optimistic nerd who delights in tackling problems facing her community. This is a card battle game that you will love for sure!

Floppy Knights: Game Review

While playing this game you can choose one of the 2 modes: Story Mode or Challenge Mode.

Areas And Levels

The story mode has 7 areas, and each of them separately contains 4 levels to pass. And the story mode is about the fact that you want to earn money so you can leave your parent’s house.

This mode will provide you with a deck and task you to complete a certain objective with it, and you can do all of that through the gameplay. The Challenge mode will be activated after passing this one.


When it comes to the gameplay, you will have a deck that contains 12-30 cards and you can use your will to construct the way you want.

With the cards earned from the gameplay, you can take part in battles, and you will easily pass them because you have a leadership card at the beginning along with the other combinations of cards you have.

The leader card will first activate the leader monster, so be aware of the fact that if it’s destroyed you will lose the match.

Other cards are split into two types of cards: Summon or Action Cards. Summon cards are used to summon a monster in a designated zone on the map, and once you have summoned the monster you will be able to support the monster with the action card.

There are different types of actions: Move, attack or give an effect, but know that all monsters have the right to one free attack per turn.

When you start your turn, each turn after receiving your selection of cards, your monster will have a certain level of energy to spend. Every card contains different amount of energy. Choose them properly so you don’t lose the battles.

Every level will have different objectives to play and it won’t always be to defeat your opponent’s monsters, you may also be given to destroy an object from your opponents territory, marked on the map.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re one of those people who enjoys playing tactic card game then you will love this one. You will enjoy playing it because despite the fact that is played by choosing cards you will be amazed of the monsters possibility.