Trying to figure out what Garden Simulator has to offer? Check out the latest game review!

With Garden Simulator, you’ll get your own plot of land and be able to plant, care for, and harvest your own plants. The more you can sell and the more money you have, the more you can spend to make your piece of paradise even better.

Let’s see if it is worth checking out!

Game Review – Garden Simulator

Garden Simulator is a game where you will be thrown inside a small little house with a very big yard. Your task and main objectives will be to clear out the yard and then proceed to Garden it.

That is all! It is a very relaxing experience that will be a very good break time if you’re playing some of the big AAA titles out there.

The tasks of the game are as you expect them to be. You will be walking around, crafting various things, and then use those crafted tools for Gardening some plot of lands.

The game is very Indie which means that you can go in-depth with a lot of things. This will get you to explore a whole set of things that you didn’t know even know existed when gardening!

You will be making a profit from your seeds and plants and then you’ll use that profit to further improve your yard with new tools to garden it! That is fairly it when it comes to the economic system of the game.

You will be getting new skill points that can be used for better improving your gardening as well as tasks that you’ll need to complete.

Since it is fairly new and it has a very small team on it, you can encounter a couple of bugs here and there as well as some annoying issues that need to be looked at(annoying cat!).

Other than that, if you’re looking for quiet and some backyard gardening, look no further!

We hope that this guide has shed some light on Garden Simulator. It is not a bad game overall. It is just… gardening. If you’re looking for something of the sort, be sure to check it out. Have fun!

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