Last Days of Lazarus: Game Review

Check this game review and learn more about Last Days of Lazarus!

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This is a new game that has gothic, horror and adventure elements. At this time, it’s released for PC so you can play it using the keyboard and mouse only. If you’re info scary games that will let you have exciting and unpredictable moments then Last Day of Lazarus can be your match! Read the following text and you will love this game even more.

This article is a short review of Last Days of Lazarus.

Last Days of Lazarus: Game Review – Last Days of Lazarus

1. Specific Graphics Included

Well, it’s not recommended for everyone because it contains pictures of dead bodies, nudity and explicit content as well.

2. Game Story

All of the events take place in post-soviet Eastern Europe and your character will be in the shoes of Lazarus.

It all starts when he receives a message from his sister that ask him for help. Lyudmila begs him to come home after she has discovered her mother’s body hanged in the closet.

After changing his mind a few times, one week later he decides to come to his family home expressing that he’s sorry for not coming earlier to see them.

However, when he arrived there all he sees around the apartment was blood and organs, some of them even hung in the bathroom. Scary pictures and disgusting angles, so if you have a weak stomach then I suggest you not play this game.

He is also discovering many letters and notes set around in the apartment. Collecting the notes in a specific row he will for sure discover the tragic history and what happened with the missing father, mother that’s overly religious and obsessed, and daughter in between to stay or to leave.

3. Gameplay And Graphics

Discovering secrets, accessing different areas and traveling to portals that will lead you to the destinations you need to find out about.

You will travel to many cemeteries and churches. Jokes aside, this game should be really proud of its visuals which are incredibly interesting and impressive.

Impressive, shiny and high-quality pictures and elements that will double your enjoyment during the game. It’s great that it looks like contrast because of a specific blend of the shiny and dark images during the game.

Especially the angles from the church. They are so cool.

You will need to find maps, keys and other collectibles and solve some puzzles.

The focus here isn’t on the main character and it looks but on the family dramas that have covered the whole of Lazarus’ history.

What I consider very annoying is the dialog between the characters that can be long and no sense.

You will have small tasks that will lead you to discover different characters. What’s also complete nonsense is the focus that female characters have on males during the fight with the whole mystery.

From youngest to oldest, all types of characters will come to you while you try to solve Lazarus’ tragic family history.

While you come across all of the things above you’ll need to look deeper because you may miss some items that you need to collect.

That will bring you back or won’t allow you to travel to the next open areas.

Some may consider this game boring, but it has many advantages because the settings are on point.

You got an incredibly fast-moving camera that can be controlled, great angles and pictures, adjust the brightness and all parts from the graphics could be drowned down to the lowest.

Music in the game and sound effects are something that gives you a realistic feeling and is a positive site of this game.

Is This Game Worth Playing?

Well, considering my taste for games, I do like it very much because I am really a big fan of horror games that have included a piece of drama.

I will also repeat myself and give you advice not to play this game if you have a weak stomach and can’t handle blood, because believe me it will be in all parts of the game.

Enjoy solving the Lazarus Family Mystery.

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