LumbearJack: Game Review

Read this article and learn more about this new interesting game – LumberJack!

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Ready to add one more game to your list? LumberJack is at this time available for Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC as well and all that for only 12.99$. With the following text, you can decide if you want to try this game, and I will for sure help you to learn why this game is worth the money. One cute puffy bear is fighting against the Evil Works Company, that’s how I will describe this game in short terms. Stay Tuned and learn more about it!

From this game review, you will learn more About LumberJack!

Game Review – LumbearJack

Game Story

As I have said previously this game is about the life of one bear that wants to fight the evil works and ruin all of their bad construction.

They have occupied all of his territory and the place where he rests, sleep and lives. Ungrateful and dirty move, right?

Luckily he will have the ability to make them leave and use all of his tools to ruin their buildings, whit which they are destroying the environment.

He wants to save nature and make everything look natural!


It’s basically a puzzle adventure game connected with Lumber Jack’s actions to save the houses of all the other animals placed there.

Mainly, he is using the ax as a degrading tool, and you can move in all ways to get rid of all the bad builds. However you’ll get the chance to upgrade your tool later. The bigger your ax is you’ll save more places.

It’s all happening in the woods and forest areas. You’ll need to solve all of the given puzzles in the different areas. You can use bombs as well, and other explosives with collecting them.

Despite that, your main mission is to destroy all of the machines and factories build there. Once you break one item you get the recycle bubbles to get the previous state of that place.

Getting collectibles as well will be included in this game and rewards for getting them all.

You will be able to design your bear’s look too, with the line of outfits offered for him.

Is LumberJack Worth It?

Even if it’s really short when we take the price, it’s a very interesting game that will give you exciting moments and a lot of joy.

Without any difficulties or complications, it will help you relax your head and will make feel like a savior.

Good luck there saving nature. Enjoy!