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The original demo of this game was revealed about 5 years ago and it’s one of the bloodiest games ever.  With many scary scenes and freaky characters, this game can keep up your adrenaline through the whole game. The game is available both on Xbox, PC, and PS4/5!

This game review will show you all you need to know about MADiSON!

Game Review – MADiSON

Game Story

The main purpose of this game is to find the killer that has to start its way to kill more and more people.

The face of your character is because the storylines are only connected to the evidence you collect and the characters you see. You’ll be in Luka’s shoes.

However, the story is creepy, scary and chaotic because the places you’ll be searching are dark old houses and abandoned churches!

A horror game with perfect elements, a scary environment and interesting details. This will for sure be your no. 1 game if you’re into scary-psychological games.

Gameplay And Environment

You will be able to use your camera and take pictures and make videos that will support your box of evidence that will help you reveal the killer.

The main thing to know is that you’ll need to decide on your own what you should take pictures and that should match the game’s needs.

Prepare yourself any time to take pictures because there are many jumps scares that need to be filmed and that can happen at any time. You’ll need to defend yourself.

Puzzles, collectibles and choices will be included in the game and every one of them will lead you to a different clue in the game.

Use the items that you’ve collected to go in other directions because sometimes you will need to do something simple but won’t have a clue about that. Try anything from taking random pictures of the objects to using and lighting the space.

There will be a few safes in the game from which you can get items and coins.

It’s all just perfectly blended and on top of that Luka’s voice and sounding sounds help to get them out the perfect version of this game.

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