MX vs ATV Legends: Game Review

Want to know more about MX vs ATV Legends? Check out this game review!!

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The racing life in MX vs ATV legends keeps getting more and more interesting! Hop onto your vehicle and start racing against other opponents to win battles and earn rewards. Getting to know some of the pros and cons for this game will help you make a decision much faster into purchasing it.

This game review will show you all you need to know about MX vs ATV Legends!

Game Review – MX vs ATV Legends

Once you boot up your game, you will be given 5 different game modes that you can play, they are:

  • Career Mode
  • Time Trials
  • Squad Compound
  • Race Online
  • Quick Play

The Career and Time Trials modes are only available in single-player mode. Here you will be racing against yourself or bots.

Squad Compound and Quick Play can both be played single-player or multi-player, depending on how you like it.

In Quick Play, you can play locally with one of your friends. Here you can have a 1 v 1 race where the screen will split into two smaller screens that represent you and your friend/opponent.

Squad Compound is a large open area where you can freely explore the map, obtain different collectibles and look for secrets!

In the Race Online mode, you can compete against up to 12 different players and earn points which can get you to a better rank and rank yourself globally in the world.

You will firstly begin with a simple dirt bike and as you progress through races, you will need to complete at least 3 races and be able to unlock the ATV. From there, you can upgrade your character to a different vehicle and slowly get newer and better vehicles.

Not only that you get access to different vehicles, you will also have a chance to unlock unique helmets and different accessories in your garage.

Most people, including myself, have mixed feelings about this game, you have a great racing feeling which will keep you busy, as well as different game modes.

This game is still new and it will need a lot of updates and adjustments until it finally gets polished up, it’s filled with bugs, both visual and mechanical.

The loading screens are quite long, which will make you wait quite a while for each race.

In the open world, there are a lot of solid blocks that will block you from continuing. That makes the game unrealistic and annoying at times.

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