Time to see all you want to know about Nemesis Distress in this Game Review!

Nemesis Distress will be the newest first-person POV horror game that many players can enjoy. This game will allow you to follow a story campaign that has great content that can get you many jump scares. It’s great to know how the game works before purchasing it!

Check out this game review for the newest Horror Game, Nemesis Distress!

Nemesis Distress: Game Review

Nemesis Distress is a First-Person POV horror game that has a catalog of characters that you can choose from. These characters are all different from each other and have different play-styles.

You will play together with your friends if you like on a ship filled with bacteria and monsters.

This multiplayer game will allow you to play against other players and sabotage their games, with closing doors, attacks, and even setting up traps to scare them.

Nemesis Distress has also added a PVE mode where monsters are included that can make the game even more interesting and fun.

The main goal of the game is to complete the assigned missions that will be given to you when you begin a match and reach earth alive and all intact.

When you begin each match, you will gain a secret mission that only you know and need to do. This mission will get you extra rewards and help you reach Earth easier.

This game has been created to have some similarities as the Among Us game. You can have item cards, different two-handed weapons that will help you confuse other players and make you be in the bright light in front of everyone.