See if Omega Crafter is good to play with your friends.

For fans of open-world survival games, Omega Crafter is a new addition to the expansive library of games in the genre. In Omega Crafter, you interact with programmable bots to defeat enemies and boss fights or to collect materials for building or crafting.

This guide details everything you need to know about Omega Crafter and if it is worth buying.

Ultimate Co-Op Review In Omega Crafter

NOTE: Since the game is still in the Early Access phase, many elements and features currently in the game will likely not feature in the full release.


Currently, there is only one game mode in Omega Crafter – which is the open-world mode.

In this mode, you have a companion robot called Grammi. Grammi is programable, so you can get him to do different tasks for you, like crafting, raw material and other resources collection, or even combat.

There is a lot of emphasis on the robot’s programmable feature. The game even includes some pre-programmed code for you to use.

To get the robot to do more tasks, you need to build new codes yourself, which is not very refined in this version of the game.

Co-Op Feature

One of the best things about Omega Crafter is that you can play with your friends. With the capacity to join five (5) other players in exploring the open world, the multiplayer experience makes the challenging boss fights even more exciting.

Unfortunately, there are no voice chat provisions yet, but a text chat system is available.

NOTE: The co-op multiplayer feature in the game is Peer-to-Peer. This means the PC of one player, essentially the player hosting the lobby, acts as the server to set up the game. In other words, the host must be the player with the most high-end PC.

Lobbies can be password-protected to prevent strangers from joining the server. When you play in co-op mode, only the host gets world progress while the other players get the traditional character level-up.

Audio, Graphics and Story

Omega Crafter features some high-quality background music that blends seamlessly with the actions on screen. That said, the tracks do get repetitive if you plan to focus more on fighting.

The 3D rending of the open world is not so unique. One could even say the developers simply lifted the graphics from another basic open-world game with some tweaks.

There isn’t much in terms of story. The game lets you place a “city” anywhere on the map. Whatever location you pick automatically becomes a building zone in that server.

Building a city also gives you access to more Grammis (programmable bots) that can complete tasks. Other survival mechanics, like tiredness, sleep, etc. are not present in this game. For example, food is only for healing.

Buy or Skip?

Omega Crafter, so far, looks like your run-of-the-mill open-world survival game. If you are a fan of the open-world survival genre and don’t have anything to do, the game will be right up your alley. But content-wise, the game still feels empty. This will likely change as the game draws closer to a full release.

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