REDO: Game Review

Check out this game review about the latest game REDO!

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In the following text, you’ll see the pros and cons, and what you get for playing the REDO game. This short review is about the Nintendo Switch game, a 2D that includes different moves and incredible scary fights against the dark and scary monsters. Hope this will help you to make up your mind and see if this game something fit you and learn more about REDO!

Game Review – REDO

REDO Game Story

It’s all in Dystopian World filled with unwanted events and a wish for one girl to be realized.

You’ll be in the shoes of one unnamed female character that has been taken over there by bio machines or scary-monster-like machines.

That’s happening a long time ago, and she is alone there but after a few levels in the game she receives a message from another human being in that world.

 You will find yourself many times fighting against the black scary monster that can slice you, roast you or make an explosion near you.

As you’re playing the game you’ll find many different fragments and pieces that reveal part of a story before and will help you to get the full image of what is happening.

What’s even more important is the need for you to find the way through and pick up the disjointed plot bits that will be slowly put together.

REDO Gameplay

It’s really unusual because is a mix of everything a bit.

The map (non-exist) in the game is like Metroidvania with many different paths which are separated and in some of them you can access immediately and some of them will get available for you during the game.

You’ll be able to shut, jump move, escape attacks, collect different fragments and objects and use different kinds of weapons that can be founded during the play.

 What I consider really annoying is the respawn in a different area from the one you’ve died in. So after losing the fight you may find your way across the place you were.

 This game allows you to save in practical parts only, so there is a big chance of losing the track during the game.

One more interesting fact is that, when you save something you’ll be back in the same place with the extra place but you need to fight all of the monsters once again from the beginning.

To escape unwanted situations try to learn all of the monster’s patterns and control your next move.

Removing or finding a way to remove the monster’s block you have already done your work. That way you can kill them easier.

REDO Areas, Settings & Problems

One of the main problems is that health is hard to get and fill, also the possibility enter a strictly selected area is also a con of this game.

With no map on the hand, there can be problems sometimes.

The character starts with a melee attack, but as you continue to explore, you’ll find different kinds of guns, raffles, bazooka, riot shields, machine guns, etc.

You will have the ability to fill the ammo when you defeat the enemies because the number of ammo is also limited in all of the weapons.

The mechanics and the game run are excellent, the art style and the 2D pic are amazing and what’s really cool is the dark atmosphere during the whole game.

However, this game is really difficult and you may find yourself trying to pass one room more than 5 times and it’s definitely challenging.

What’s not so cool, well as far as I can tell is the non-progressive situations, you don’t have a map and expect that you know there is a fight above you the game hasn’t revealed the main aim.

Is REDO Worth Playing?

When summing up all of the above, there are equal pros and cons that this game has.

If you’re into exploring the dark and intriguing world and fighting the bad and scary monsters for no convincible reason then this game will be definitively challenging and good for you.

On the other side, if you like an organized, concrete given game with a map that will lead you then you may not fit really well into this game.

If you ask me it’s definitely worth a try! Try to save this girl from the REDOS.

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